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Not all “vinyl windows” are the same! Our exclusive SunShield® Vinyl compounds are specially formulated with highly refined polymers in combination with engineered multi-chamber designs to feature high-performance, attractive, energy-efficient windows you can rely upon. Vinyl windows provide a lifetime of beauty and thermal performance. High-tech vinyl compounding and extrusion processing like that featured in SunShield® have revolutionized the building products industry, where vinyl is firmly established as one of the most popular materials, from windows to pipes to fences and decking.​

Not all “aluminum windows” are the same! Our commercial-grade aluminum windows feature a thermal break that separates the inside metal from the outside metal with very high-density catalyzed polyurethane. Generically, this engineered design is called “pour and de-bridge” in reference to the extrusion process. We just call it PolyPour. These windows set our aluminum lines apart from conventional, old-fashioned typical aluminum windows that have no thermal breaks. Among those that do, be careful to make sure you notice the differences. For example, ours feature wide thermal breaks in the jambs, heads, sills, and all sashes of our windows; and the breaks align for maximum thermal performance. Lesser windows have thinner breaks, may not align, and may even have no thermal break in their sashes or sills. PolyPour windows from Don Young Company fight condensation and have significantly better insulating values than any cheap “builder grade” aluminum window. 

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